African music: Reggae musician Black Prophet from Ghana

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Reggae music in Ghana has had a high profile in the Ghanaian pop music industry since the 1970s with the worldwide success of reggae legend Bob Marley. One of the most influential and successful representatives of Reggae in Ghana is the Afro-Reggae artist Black Prophet from Accra.

Music is an indispensable part of festivals and everyday life in Ghana. Very different kinds of music are heard. Preferences range from traditional African music to African Reagge. The famous representative of the West African Reggae scene Black Prophet from Ghana, who combines harmonious Reggae sound with glamorous Afro beats and is known for his rousing and distinctive stage shows, is introduced in this blog article. At the beginning we will deal with the importance of music and especially Reggae in Ghana/Africa and what Reggae is.

Music in Ghana 

In Ghana, as in every culture, music, singing and dancing are part of life. Beside the traditional African folk music there are also numerous modern music styles, of which above all the everyday life is shaped. Drum music on the other hand is played rather at occasions and celebrations like weddings or funerals. A modern music style from Ghana is the so-called “Highlife”, which was created from elements of American jazz and different directions of African music. More information about music in Ghana you will soon find in one of our following articles 😉.

Reggae music in Ghana

African Reggae is also gladly heard. Reggae as a musical form for dancing, ritual music of the Rastafarian religion as well as a musical expression of socio-political protests, originated in Jamaica in the 1960s and originally illustrated the cultural and social inequalities of this Caribbean island. The emergence of reggae music is based on a mix of English pop music and traditional African music. Since then, it has developed into a major direction in popular music. The original meaning of the word “reggae” is unclear. Some – including its most famous representative Bob Marley – derive it from the Latin word “rex” (king) and claim it means “music of the king”.

Musician Black Prophet

Black Prophet is not a typical reggae artist. He skillfully combines traditional African percussion music with Jamaican reggae and rock elements. He was especially influenced by his youth in Accra. There he grew up under simple circumstances and has been on stage since the age of seven. According to his own statements, music was his only way out to escape the dreary life on the streets of Accra. His debut album with his international band Thunder Strike ‘No Pain No Gain’ was released in 1998 and increased his popularity in his own country. The tracks in Reggae and African Hip-Hop sound were performed on his first successful European tour. His song ‘Doubting Me’, released in 2006, won the Ghana National Music Award as ‘Reggae Song of the Year’ at the Ghana National Music Awards and his other albums were also very successful. Black Prophet has already worked with numerous internationally successful reggae artists and played in over 30 countries. Since he won the European Reggae Contest in 2010, he has been a celebrated guest at all major European Reggae festivals.  His fanbase reaches far beyond his home country. The musician and songwriter has performed in German-speaking countries, among others at the Chiemsee Reggae Summer in 2015, the Villinger Innenhoffestival in 2017 and the Reggae Jam Festival in Bersenbrück in 2019. His performances are always a firework of rhythm and his special reggae sound.

“You can never be like someone else, be grateful for what you are and what you have.” Black Prophet represents and lives this uniqueness and sings about it. Black Prophet always takes a stand on political issues. In his social media appearance, for example, he currently shows solidarity with the movement #EndSARS, which fights against police violence in Nigeria. Furthermore, he also draws attention to environmental issues time and again. Black Prophet lives reggae and is part of the Rastafarian movement. He sees his music as a spiritual tool. His lively performances are a dynamic and uplifting experience for his listeners. Through his songs, which he sings partly in the African dialects Twee and Ga, he wants to enlighten about socio-political issues. His music sounds harmonious, but has profound meanings. Black Prophet writes songs about the world around him. This is definitely music you should listen to.

Black Prophet describes himself as a ‘very modest Rasta man’ who ‘likes to make positive music’. The african singer/songwriter wants to spread a message of equality and brotherhood through his music. fairafric and Black Prophet have a positive approach to projects, communication at eye level with people and the vision itself to be the change in common. Black Prophet also wants to bring the African perspective/view to the world. Increasing profits is not his first priority. To meet people at eye level is in the foreground for him and he uses his reach to draw attention to injustices in the world.

If you would like to learn more about Black Prophet, you are welcome to visit his social media channels!