Decolonize Chocolate (Cinema Tour)

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DECOLONIZE CHOCOLATE – How a start-up is revolutionising the chocolate world 🍫🇬🇭🍫🇬🇭🍫 Chocolate has always been produced in the global North. Hendrik wants to change the situation by building a chocolate factory in Ghana: We join fairafric’s founder on his journey and explore with him why chocolate is hardly ever made in the countries where […]

Visiting our cooperative

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We have visited Yayra Glover to discuss our collaboration and meet some of their farmers and listen to their stories a couple of days ago. We have heard heart warming stories from them and are more convinced then ever, that the hard work of Yayra and his team is really paying for their member farmers. […]

Good News

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Hooray, good news: We’ve finished our first production!   The container with the first batch of fairafric chocolate is on its way to our warehouse in Germany. Once it arrives there, we will start sending sweet rewards to our Kickstarter backers and start to sell online. We can’t wait to get your feedback on the […]


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As part of our Crowdfunding Campaign we have committed to planting 3,098 trees. Here are some pictures of the event, you can read the whole story of the planting below. . . . . . . . So here comes the story behind this event: Three years ago I met Joseph in Uganda, some 100 miles […]

How does Fairtrade work?

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When I talk to people about fairafric and our impact a lot of folks say, but wait, isn’t Fairtrade solving these problems already? I usually make this calculation for people in order for them to get an idea about the impact of Fairtrade (and to compare it to fairafric): The Impact of Fairtrade One ton of cocoa […]

Our Impact

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“Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.”  This quote form Anna Lappé holds very true in our view. With fairafric we want to provide you with a real opportunity to cast a vote for a much fairer and better world. The conscious consumer today faces, apart from […]