One day to Ghana – Germany and back: Trade relations with Ghana at a glance

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Germany maintains active trade relations with Ghana, especially in very specific areas. International trade is a world of both goods and figures. We have compiled an overview for you. “Ghana is one of Germany’s most important trading partners in sub-Saharan Africa,” reads the German foreign Office’s Ghana page right at the beginning. But what does […]

Woman Power in Ghana

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Ghana is an African model country in many respects: for example, it has a stable democracy and a growing economy. Ghanaian women make an enormous contribution to this. Worldwide, the number of women and men is roughly the same (3.82 billion women / 3.89 billion men). However, it is well known that this does not […]

A bittersweet piece of politics: The Cocoa Barometer Report and its Conclusion on the Cocoa Trade

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Every year, the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) issues the so-called Cocoa Barometer, an enormously important review of the global cocoa trade. Here we show you what can be gathered from these reports, who is responsible for it and what the outcome of the current study is for 2018. 1.What is Cocoa […]

Impact Driven Consumerism – what change can really be caused by my buying decision?

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Anyone who goes shopping nowadays will often want to have a good conscience with purchasing more expensive organic or Fairtrade food. Nevertheless one recurring thought stays and pops up the moment those fair groceries are paid and packed in: Is it going to change something? Ethically correct consumption alone will not save the world. Those […]

Fair intentions, fair prices, fair trade?

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It is not always easy for consumers to keep track between labels, seals, and brands, especially when it comes to fair trade and organic products. However, what exactly is the purpose of fair trade? Is fair chain better than fair trade? What is the difference between  fair trade seals, fair trade labels and fair trade […]