Comedy in Ghana

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In the occasion of the Easter holidays we at fairafric would like to address a very special topic: The development of the Ghanaian comedy scene and its probably most important event: The Easter Comedy Show. Especially on holy days like Easter, there are culture-dependent traditions and rituals. In Ghana, for example, the topic of comedy […]

What difference does fairafric make? A practical study.

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Purchase decisions make a difference – don’t they? fairafric and our guiding principle have been subjected to a scientific study in this regard. With surprising results. A few months ago we met Tamara. The 25-year-old student approached us because she wanted to research and write her master thesis about the effects of initiatives like fairafric […]

One day to Ghana – Germany and back: Trade relations with Ghana at a glance

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Germany maintains active trade relations with Ghana, especially in very specific areas. International trade is a world of both goods and figures. We have compiled an overview for you. “Ghana is one of Germany’s most important trading partners in sub-Saharan Africa,” reads the German foreign Office’s Ghana page right at the beginning. But what does […]