Start-Up scene in Ghana

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Start-Up scene in Ghana In today’s free market economy, start-ups are just as important as fresh air is for breathing: investors who specialise entirely in newly founded companies, government subsidies for start-ups or start-up awards with high prize pools – these are just a few examples supporting this thesis. Especially since we at fairafric are […]

Factory Update

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Those who actively follow us will already know what our biggest goal for 2020 is: the completion of our new, solar-powered chocolate factory in the rural region of Suhum in Ghana. The construction of the factory, which is expected to be completed in autumn this year, is running quite smoothly despite the current situation. Here […]

Comedy in Ghana

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In the occasion of the Easter holidays we at fairafric would like to address a very special topic: The development of the Ghanaian comedy scene and its probably most important event: The Easter Comedy Show. Especially on holy days like Easter, there are culture-dependent traditions and rituals. In Ghana, for example, the topic of comedy […]

What difference does fairafric make? A practical study.

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Purchase decisions make a difference – don’t they? fairafric and our guiding principle have been subjected to a scientific study in this regard. With surprising results. A few months ago we met Tamara. The 25-year-old student approached us because she wanted to research and write her master thesis about the effects of initiatives like fairafric […]

Hendrik und President Addo

The fairafric bond

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The fairafric Bond You have to admit, fairafric is no stranger to crowdfunding. With three Kickstarter campaigns, two crowd-equity raises, a crowd-loan and crowd-coupon (paying interest with chocolate) we thought we’ve seen it all.    With a €5 Million factory to be build within a year, we dared to challenge the crowd yet another time. […]