What difference does fairafric make? A practical study.

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Purchase decisions make a difference – don’t they? fairafric and our guiding principle have been subjected to a scientific study in this regard. With surprising results. A few months ago we met Tamara. The 25-year-old student approached us because she wanted to research and write her master thesis about the effects of initiatives like fairafric […]

Hendrik und President Addo

The fairafric bond

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The fairafric Bond You have to admit, fairafric is no stranger to crowdfunding. With three Kickstarter campaigns, two crowd-equity raises, a crowd-loan and crowd-coupon (paying interest with chocolate) we thought we’ve seen it all.    With a €5 Million factory to be build within a year, we dared to challenge the crowd yet another time. […]


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DECOLONIZE CHOCOLATE – How a start-up is revolutionizing the chocolate world 🍫🇬🇭🍫🇬🇭🍫 Chocolate has always been produced in the global north. Hendrik wants to change that and build a chocolate factory in Ghana: We accompany the fairafric founder on his journey and together with him we investigate the question why chocolate is almost never produced […]