Chocolate and solar energy – a match

In a world where all our energy is generated by the interaction of advanced technology and the forces of nature – for decades this sounded like a utopian dream straight out of a science fiction novel. However in the year 2020, this will no longer be a fantasy, but the model of the future, with which we will do good for our planet and our progress.

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Comedy in Ghana

In the occasion of the Easter holidays we at fairafric would like to address a very special topic: The development of the Ghanaian comedy scene and its probably most important event: The Easter Comedy Show. Especially on holy days like Easter, there are culture-dependent traditions and rituals. In Ghana, for example, the topic of comedy has a very high significance in the Easter period. An even higher one, than it already has in general. So this is an opportunity to take a closer look at the current state of this industry, which is so popular in Ghana.

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How corona effects ghanas economy

Due to given circumstances we, the German fairafric team, have made the decision to work from home until further notice. In view of the current development of the Corona pandemic, we see the necessity to take this step. We want to make our contribution to keep the curve (of the infection rate) as flat as possible (#flattenthecurve).

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Fairafrics Munich office

You have always been wondering what's going on in a chocolate brand office? And you also always wanted to know how ecologically the employees of the perhaps fairest chocolate in the world live? Then why don’t you accompany us to our office in Munich for a day and see what we are doing (apart from eating chocolate)?

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Cacao and bees: an amity

When you buy your favorite fairafric chocolate, most of you might not really think about how it originated from a cocoa blossom to a finished chocolate bar. However, it’s worth it, because it’s a process full of surprises – and unexpected helpers.

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