Cacao: The worldwide cacao trade

Every year, the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) issues the so-called Cocoa Barometer, an enormously important review of the global cocoa trade. Here we show you what can be gathered from these reports, who is responsible for it and what the outcome of the current study is for 2018.

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What is fair trade?

It is not always easy for consumers to keep track between labels, seals, and brands, especially when it comes to fair trade and organic products. However, what exactly is the purpose of fair trade? Is fair chain better than fair trade? What is the difference between fair trade seals, fair trade labels and fair trade brands? A small road map.

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How fair is free trade?

Cocoa and chocolate trade is way more political and complicated than what it seems to be at first sight. We’ve already written about this extensively in respect to distinct stages in the trade and production chain. The Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between the EU and Africa also concerns our chocolate. But what does this agreement really mean?

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Fairafric in Ghana: A visit

Marios Georgiadis has visited our production partner Niche Cocoa in Tema as well as our cocoa farmers in Suhum. He has recorded his impressions in a captivating travel report. Marios Georgiadis was born and raised in Nicosia, Cyprus. He studied Hotel and Tourism Management at SSTH, Chur, Switzerland and has served as a hotel director on cruise ships for 19 years. He now works from home in recruitment.

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Fleur de sel and fairafric chocolate

We purchase the salt for our hot-selling Fleur de Sel chocolate from our partner Khoisan Trading from the province of Western Cape in South Africa. We from fairafric got to this wonderful partner through Fair Band, the federal association for fair import and sales. Today we talked to Gerhard Müller, the German representative for Khoisan Trading, about the fact that salt is harvested, what a salt garden is and how the white gold connects people.

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Ghanas job market

We are going to provide you with some insight into the precarious labour market in Ghana. We are going to explain to you why cardboard boxes are underestimated. On top of that, we will give you further insight into important data and facts, which are nearly too crazy to believe.

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