Finally aluminium-free!

A few months ago, we changed the packaging of our chocolate bars from aluminium foil to so-called NatureFlex foil. Our motivation: less waste and more sustainability. But why exactly is aluminium foil so bad? And is NatureFlex really the better alternative? Together with you, we want to explore these and other questions.

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Alkalization of cocoa

Time and again, you have asked us why our organic cocoa powder is so bright in color. Does it contain milk powder? No, our cocoa powder consists of 100% organic cocoa and nothing else. But why does it look so different from the "pure" cocoa powder in the supermarket? Find out the facts in our latest blog post.

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Health – A human right or a privilege?

Since 1954, the WHO has commemorated its founding with the World Health Day, highlighting a different subject connected to health each year. This year, they are focusing on "Building a fairer, healthier world". Although health is a human right, not everyone has the same opportunities for a healthy life and good medical care.

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Diversification of Income: A cocoa farmer’s perspective

In our last Kickstarter campaign, our supporters sponsored 500 coconut seedlings for the cocoa farmers of Amanase and Suhum. Why does this make such a huge difference? Our Accra-based creative team travelled to the cocoa farms to find out more about the importance of diversification of income. If you would also like to donate a coconut seedling, you can sign up for our newsletter - we will plant one coconut seedling for every subscription.

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