Biodiversity – and what it has to do with chocolate

We love chocolate. You have probably noticed that by now. And we are not the only ones who do. Chocolate consumption is increasing worldwide and so is the demand for cocoa. However, cocoa farmers are increasingly experiencing declining yields and are struggling with the consequences of climate change. In this blog post, you will learn how protecting biodiversity can help to overcome these challenges and what our hunger for chocolate has to do with mosquitoes.

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Delicious hazelnut chocolate spread

Fresh bread, with chocolate cream on top - what a dream! Today we want to share with you a recipe for homemade chocolate spread. The secret ingredient is our fair trade organic cocoa powder that is 100% produced in Ghana, just like our delicious chocolate.

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Team Ghana – A look behind the scenes

Last year, our dream of having our own solar-powered chocolate factory in Ghana became reality. Since October 2020, we have been producing our chocolate in the cocoa-growing region of Suhum - organic, fair and completely in Ghanaian hands. To produce fantastic chocolate, you need not only a factory and good machines - but also great people. And today we would like to introduce them to you.. Raise the curtain for Team Ghana!

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Africa Day – its importance and celebration in Ghana

Every year on May 25, Africa Day is celebrated around the world. Did you know that Ghana played a central role in the creation of the so-called A-Day? In today’s blogpost we talk more about the history and meaning of this holiday. Furthermore, we give you an insight on how Ghana celebrates this special day.

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Team Germany – A look behind the scenes

fairafric has grown a lot in the last few months, both in Germany and in Ghana. New jobs have been created, structures have been changed and new wonderful people have been recruited for our social business. That's why we thought it was time to let you take a look behind the scenes. How is our company structured? What is important to us in our daily work? How do our departments work and interact with each other? Starting with Team Germany, we would like to tell you more about the people behind the company.

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Alkalization of cocoa

Time and again, you have asked us why our organic cocoa powder is so bright in color. Does it contain milk powder? No, our cocoa powder consists of 100% organic cocoa and nothing else. But why does it look so different from the "pure" cocoa powder in the supermarket? Find out the facts in our latest blog post.

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Health – A human right or a privilege?

Since 1954, the WHO has commemorated its founding with the World Health Day, highlighting a different subject connected to health each year. This year, they are focusing on "Building a fairer, healthier world". Although health is a human right, not everyone has the same opportunities for a healthy life and good medical care.

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