57% Dark Baobab Moringa
1957 is Ghana's independence year: we want to celebrate with a taste revolution! Our fine organic vegan chocolate with 57% cocoa content and Baobab and Moringa brings two Ghanaian superfoods together for a uniquely fruity taste experience.

72% Dark Milk
Would you like something a little more full-bodied? Our gently melting organic chocolate with milk and extra cocoa is intense in taste and yet irresistibly smooth.

92% Dark
For connoisseurs and purists! Indulge your senses with our extraordinary extra-dark organic chocolate with extra-high cocoa content: naturally vegan, amazingly smooth and rich!


Rate now the taste of our new chocolates and decide which varieties should be permanently included in our assortment 🙂

Among all participants we give away three Love at first bite bundles, consisting of 6 fairafric organic chocolate bars, 150 grams from our organic cocoa powder and our limited edition recipe booklet!

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