The Supply Chain Act

& the cocoa industry.

What is the supply chain law?

The Supply Chain Act will come into force on January 1, 2023 and is intended to improve the protection of human rights in global supply chains. This involves fundamental human rights standards along the company's own supply chain, which German companies with 3,000 or more employees must comply with.

Reimers, founder and CEO of fairafric, finalist of the German Sustainability Award in the category "Supply Chain", explains in 4 short videos how a company can act far beyond the minimum standards set by the Supply Chain Act:

About fairafric

"fairafric is about making the cocoa supply chain
as fair as possible. [...] And the real gamechanger is the
skilled, high-paying jobs created at our factory in Ghana."

About "Fair working conditions

"Fair working conditions, in West Africa would mean,
there would first have to be jobs to establish fair working conditions
. Because they don't exist at all."

About "Environmental Duties to Protect Human Health".

"In conventional cocoa farming, the trees are hand-pollinated
because all the insects have been killed by massive pesticide use in West Africa, they don't exist anymore."

About sense and nonsense and what would really bring something

"Slavery, in your chocolate? Is soon forbidden. So,
theoretically, from 01 January, in Germany. [...] From 3000 employees* you are no longer allowed to accept any slavery in your supply chain in cocoa. - Theoretically...".


Who we are

fairafric is a German-Ghanaian social business that is revolutionizing the chocolate world with tremendous impact: We are the first European company to produce world-class organic chocolate in Ghana.

About our mission

You want to know more?

Here you can find detailed information and backgrounds about fairafric.



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