Best of Kickstarter: The Statement: 1 limited Team Shirt – Male Medium + 12 bars of organic chocolate

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One of our most popular kickstarter perks: Make a statement with what you eat and what you wear! In addition to twelve bars of your choice you will also receive a limited-edition fairafric Team T-shirt made in Tanzania! Turning heads guaranteed.
You get:

  • 12x80g chocolate bars (4x 80% cocoa, 4x 70% cocoa, 4x 43% cocoa + milk)
  • 1x team tshirt, size: male medium (individual chest pocket design can vary from depiction)


43%: Raw cane sugar*, Cocoa butter*, Skimmed milk
powder*, Cocoa mass*, Cocoa: 43% minimum. *From certified organic agriculture.

80%: Cocoa mass*, Raw cane sugar*, Cocoa butter*. Cocoa: 80% minimum. *From certified organic agriculture.

70%: Cocoa mass*, Raw cane sugar*, Cocoa butter* Cocoa: 70% minimum. *From certified organic agriculture.

Chocolate with milk: Shelf life 18 months from production.
Dark chocolate: Shelf life 2 years from production.


Includes 19% MwSt.
Includes 19% MwSt.
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