How much do the farmers earn?


Bean by Bean

into a better Future

Income Ghana per

ton of cocoa beans


Export of Cocoa Beans

ca. $2,350


Production in Ghana


By producing in Ghana we can actually bring more than $10,000 of income per ton of cocoa to Africa.

An average bar of chocolate needs around 61 grams of cocoa beans. That means, that you can produce 16 bars of chocolate with 1 KG of cocoa, or 16,000 bars of chocolate with 1,000 KG of cocoa beans.

The premium of $600 per ton is on top of that and is paid directly to the farmers.


"After carefully selecting the best premium beans, we conch the chocolate until this outstanding combination of pure Ghanaian chocolate joy and the mildest dark chocolate is created. With love from Ghana"

according to the World Bank, for every job
in the processing of agricultural raw materials 2.8
jobs are created in supplier companies