fairafric goes carbon neutral

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fairafric has been founded as a social business, aiming at improving the lives of as many people as possible by shifting the value creation process within the chocolate industry to the Global South. Following this vision, we have already helped to create jobs that enable people to live a middle-lass life, bringing true change to Ghana. This is something we are incredibly proud of.

But we also believe that truly sustainable development can only take place, if it does not only take into account the social and economic aspects of a project, but also the ecological one. With climate change being one of the biggest threats of our times, we at fairafric decided already a while ago, that we want to do something to improve our environmental record. While we take the bike every day to work, seek to avoid taking the car whenever possible, and have equipped our office with refurbished instead of new technical equipment, we believe there is more that we can do. We want fairafric to be carbon-neutral! That means, while we know that all our activities on this planet leave traces, we want to compensate those traces by investing in projects which seek to improve the livelihoods of the people they are working with from both a social, as well as an environmental perspective. Through these investments your favorite chocolate will not only be fair, but also carbon-neutral.

For this purpose, we have been looking for a partner we can cooperate with. natureOffice is an organization that has been working in particular in Agou in Togo for several years already. The community living there has been benefiting from the local reforestation project as the natural water circulation circle has been improved, as well as investments in education and health. Besides this core project, natureOffice also works together with partners to implement other projects. One of those is in Ghana. Here, energy-efficient cookers are distributed to families who had been using charcoal-fired ovens until then. This project does not only reduce the CO2 emissions from cooking, but also contributes to the people’s health, as there is less smoke in the respective houses.

The amount of money that we have to invest to become officially carbon neutral will be determined by natureOffice. They have the tools and experience to calculate our chocolate’s carbon footprint, including all emissions coming from packaging, transport and producing the ingredients. Per ton of CO2 equivalents which our chocolate emits from when it has been grown until you out there have eaten it, we will invest in projects that save the exact number of tons of CO2 equivalents. In sum that means that fairafric chocolate will just leave its positive impact.

This project has successfully been supported by 1131 backers during our 2018 Kickstarter campaign – thanks to them our beloved fairafric chocolate can now be called “carbon neutral” https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/fairafric/fairafric-becomes-even-better-fairer-and-greener