What is the difference between certifications and fairafric?


When you see a certificate on a bar of chocolate, it usually means, that the cocoa was grown by a certified farmer. This farmer receives a premium for the cocoa, how much can be seen below. It does not mean, that the farmer or workers involved in the harvest receive any sort of minimum pay.
The most common certificates are Fairtrade, UTZ and Rainforest Alliance.
Cocoa Beans
70% of the world's cocoa beans come from Africa.
0% of the world's chocolate is produced in Africa
Premium per ton: 200$

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Premium per ton: 102€

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Rainforest Alliance
Premium per ton: none

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Premium per ton: 600$

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Chocolate producers usually receive 70% of the retail price

That is why fairafric is entirely Made in Africa

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in Ghana

in consuming country

Jobs in Africa

highly skilled, well paid jobs

low skilled farm work


Value added in Africa

Value added outside Africa

Increase in Income*


up to 8%

*in the country of cocoa origin compared to conventional chocolate 

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