Good News

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Hooray, good news: We’ve finished our first production!


The container with the first batch of fairafric chocolate is on its way to our warehouse in Germany. Once it arrives there, we will start sending sweet rewards to our Kickstarter backers and start to sell online. We can’t wait to get your feedback on the chocolate which we think turned out to be even better than hoped for in our wildest dreams. We are very lucky to be able to work with these wonderful Ghanaian beans!


We’ve also given away all the chocolate that we’ve promised to share in Ghana for the support we received during our Kickstarter campaign. I have started this with our local partners and it was wonderful seeing so many kids enjoying fairafric chocolate. Many of the kids had no idea what they were holding in their hands as they have never eaten chocolate despite the fact that they are living amongst thousands of cocoa trees.


We’ve asked our friends at Kuapa Kokoo to help reaching as many farmers as possible with the first ever fairafric chocolate. We’ve also asked religious leaders in the two largest townships of Accra, Nima and Jamestown, to help us reach the children that are most unlikely to ever have access to chocolate themselves.


We are now more eager than ever to get the first batch also to our first customers in Europe and the US. Enter your email here to get notified once we are ready.