Fair working conditions in Ghana

In Ghana, the daily minimum wage is 10,65 Cedis. This translates into a monthly salary of approx. 55 US$. Through our local partner, Niche Cocoa Industries, our production staff receives a starting salary of around 1,000 Cedis per month (approx. 225 US$). With more skills and experience this rises continuously. The wages paid are not only several times the local minimum wage but are also among the highest paid in the local production companies. This results in a highly motivated, qualified and loyal work force.

Health & Safety

Safe clothing is provided
Trained first aid on site
Strict protocol for dangerous work
Temperature controlled work-space


Free staff transport
Free health care
13th month salary
Company Pension Plan

Work Routine

Work week of 36 hours (4*9)
Weekend work is paid extra
Overtime is paid
Subsidized lunch

How much do the farmers earn?

A lot of people ask us if our farmers make the chocolate themselves. This is not the case as all the workers in the factory have gone through years of training in High School and College with some bringing university degrees. However, if you want to know more about the income of cocoa farmers in Ghana read here.