Natureflex – The reason why fairafric chose this biomass packaging solution

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Natureflex – The reason why fairafric chose this biomass packaging solution

In this day and age it has become more and more difficult to run a business. What is the perfect name for a business to make sure it attracts the desired customers? Which contribution channels are the perfect fit for the product and the company itself? Are there certain rules and restrictions regarding the product and what type of packaging is ideal? Wait, rules and restrictions and even multiple packaging solutions? Exactly! In the following blog article, we will try our best to explain to you, why fairafric chose its current packaging solution.

Food regulations are the number one priority

As a company which is fully operating in the food industry we most certainly have more important criteria than just “the looks” of our packaging. We understand that it is not our only responsibillity to establish trade on an eye-to-eye level in the country of origin. We also have the responsibillity to be fair to our customers. What this means in specific: We are up to date about the current food regulations which are set by the BVL (Bundesamt für Verbraucherschutz und Lebensmittelsicherheit)

Regulations are a necessity to ensure the quality of the products

Whether we are talking about bags, cans or boxes – without certain rules or regulations it cannot be guaranteed that the food is packaged safe for transportation. A bad and even unsafe packaging leads to a short expiration date.

Nowadays almost anything is packaged or conserved. The first person who came up with this? Pastry chef Francois Nicolas Appert back in 1804. He was able to heat up groceries to almost 100 degrees Celsius and even came up with a solution to hermetically seal them. The can was born.

Chocolate preservation is no easy task

A packaging solution is only fitting if the chosen product meets its characteristics.

Chcocolate has the characteristics to be weak against heat and cold. It is critical that the chosen packaging supports the chocolate in this specific areas. If that is not the case, the chocolate is doomed to lose its sensational flavour and durability. So it is safe to say chocolate products of all kind are supposed to be stored in a neutral enviroment. Experts say this neutral enviroment is in the region of ten and twenty degrees Celsius.

But packaging aside, many more factors play an important role: A perfect chocolate packaging is aroma-safe and fat-repellent. This characteristics are making sure that the taste stays fresh and delicious. This is a no brainer for us, because it is our main goal ensuring you enjoy every little bite of the world-class fairafric chocolate!

Sustainable packaging solutions are not easy to find

Like mentioned before, the packaging has to match certain criteria. As an economical operating company we are obligated to make smart choices. Due to this fact, aluminium foil was fairafrics go-to packaging solution for a long time. Why is that? Because the combination of low-cost and matching characteristics was too good to be looked over.

It becomes apparent that even we at fairafric had no other choice but to rely on aluminium foil. But as an sustainable and enviromentally conscious business we knew it was our duty to find a better, more suitable solution. This is why we kept on searching and analyzing the market around the clock.


NatureFlex – a foil made out of cellulose film

After resarching for quite some time, we came across the Japanese business called Futamura. As a result of years of development they came up with a sensational and innovative product: A packaging solution which has the same characteristics as plastic but with much less impact on the enviroment. NatureFlex. Due to its liquid- and heat-resistant characteristics the cellulose packaging was the perfect and long researched packaging solution for fariafric.

Foto: Futamura

Fairafric was convinced by the sustainable aspects

The enviromental impact of the aluminium foil was a problem from day one – we just had no other option at hand. The fact that NatureFlex is made out of a cellulose film makes it biologically compostable – a characteristic we were looking for so desperately!

The cellulose foil is not only biologically compostable but made out of renewable ressources. It can even be deposed at home by throwing it into your compost. Even though the industrial composting is by far not ideal at the moment, we at fairafric highly support this step in the right direction. Nonetheless we keep on pushing for better and even more sustainable packaging solutions.