why organic?

Sourcing only the best and most sustainable organic ingredients, especially in Africa, is not an easy task, why do we do it?


At the moment (April 2020), our fairafric bars are not certified with the EU-organic label. Why? Read more here.


Higher Yield for Farmers

Growing organic doesn't mean to grow less. Our farmers achieve much higher yields once they are trained in sustainable, organic farming.

Outstanding Quality

Ghana is reknown for their high quality cocoa beans. Our beans rank evidently at the very top of the countries' harvest.

Fully Traceable

We can trace our cocoa beans all the way to the farm. Farmers are committed to supplying exceptional beans and can receive direct feedback on the quality.


We can guarantee that our products are 100% non-GMO.

Fully traceable back to the farm

What's the difference?

The cocoa for your everyday chocolate is sourced through different stages with the cocoa changing hands many times before the chocolate producer eventually turns it into chocolate. The most one can still say with certainty about this cocoa is in which country it was harvested. 

Only using organic beans does also mean that we know where the beans are from as this is integral part of the certification. Fairafric works with only 1,400 farmers of whom we know that they have been trained in an exceptional manner. The quality of their cocoa, which we examine every time, is simply outstanding. 

That's how fairafric has a positive impact along the value chain with every single bar!