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Currently every sixth person drowns during an evacuation attempt across the Mediterranean Sea. At the same time, Sea Rescuers are being criminalized. Claus-Peter Reisch is saying to himself: ” DO THE RIGHT NOW!

In August 2019 Mission Lifeline plans its next rescue mission and is ready to set sail with a brand new ship.. For this new start we want to support Mission Lifeline with super fair products made in Africa. Therefore we have launched the action packages “Support for Lifechangers and Lifesavers”.

In the light of these current ongoing issues, fairafric, Solino Kaffee and Fairfood Freiburg have joined forces to clearly stand out from the crowd: Legalize sea rescue!

fairafric, Solino and fairfood Freiburg are three young companies that are committed to a fair value chain in Africa. The packages consist of superfair coffee from Ethiopia, chocolate from Ghana and cashews from Nigeria: all products are produced and processed locally. 10 EUR of each action package will be donated to Mission Lifeline.

Join us in showing your support for the LIFECHANGERS & LIFESAVERS Partnership with the Mission Lifeline!

Contents of the action package:

– 3 vegan fairafric chocolate bars (60%, 70%, 80% cocoa)

fairafric produces world-class chocolate from the bean to the bar in Ghana. By creating qualified jobs in the processing of cocoa beans, fairafric multiplies Africa’s share of the selling price of each bar of chocolate.

– 200g Espresso from Solino

Solino Coffee consistently carries on the idea of Fair Trade. All coffee beans used come 100% from Ethiopia’s mountain rain forests and are harvested in the country, gently roasted and packaged. Meanwhile, 120 qualified and better paid jobs for Ethiopians have been created in the roasting plant.

– 200g Cashews by fairfood Freiburg

The cashew nuts come from a small fair organic farmers cooperative near Aku, Nigeria, where they are traditionally baked in a stone oven. In the meantime, the cashew production employs 30 locally based women who live on paid wages and can send their children to university.


A Background information on Mission Lifeline:

Mission Lifeline is a non-governmental organization from Dresden, founded in 2016, whose purpose is to rescue people in distress at sea. The previous ship of the Lifeline is still docked in Malta. In the summer of 2018, the “Lifeline” and 234 refugees landed in the port of Valletta. The ship was confiscated, Captain Claus-Peter Reisch was indicted. Reisch appealed against the decision to pay a fine of EUR 10,000. The proceedings have not yet been concluded.

A new rescue ship is currently being equipped: Work on the on-board hospital has already been completed; the crew is now being assembled. The ship is somewhat smaller than the “Lifeline”, nevertheless, can accommodate up to 100 people.

Basic prizes:

fairafric-chocolate: 2,99€ / 100g

fairfood Freiburg Cashews from Nigeria: 3,65€ / 100g

Solino Espresso from Ethiopia: 2,95€ / 100g

Paper work, but important:

Even though we will donate 10,00€ from the purchasing prize per package, we cannot issue a receipt for your donation. We are not allowed to do this with our legal form as a “GmbH”.