More than 70% of the world cocoa comes from Africa yet in your local supermarket 100% of the chocolate is made in Belgium, Switzerland, the US, Germany, you name it. The commodity comes from Africa but the value creation happens in the West.

We understand that this makes the rich nations richer and the poor ones relatively poorer, since they are not adding any value to their produce. We want to change this.

Imagine a bar of chocolate. 24 pieces of pure joy. If you were to split the bar in economic parts, this is how the money you spent on it would be shared:

  • 1.5 pieces: Farmers in country of origin
  • 1.6 pieces: Wholesalers
  • 4 pieces: Retailer
  • 17 pieces: Chocolate industry

While you could increase the farmer’s share in this equation by ¼ or ½ piece by buying Fairtrade chocolate in the past, with fairafric you can now dramatically increase Africa’s share in the value creation.

Fairafric will make the chocolate in Africa. This includes:

  • Roasting of the beans
  • Breaking the beans into nibs and winnowing
  • Grinding the nibs
  • Conching of the chocolate for at least 48 hours
  • Moulding
  • Wrapping

Performing all these steps in Africa will increase Ghana’s share per average bar from less then 10 cents (certified as well as non-certified) to at least 70 cents.

So when buying fairafric you are actively creating sustainable, well paid jobs that are central to develop nations and overcome poverty. Convinced? Then get some really fair chocolate for yourself and your loved ones!