The fairafric chocolate meditation

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Chocolate—what? Yes! With this brilliant exercise, you can combine two of your favorite hobbies: meditation and eating chocolate. At the same time! You can’t? You can!

Let us seduce you into the world of the taste miracle! Either you choose a fairafric chocolate you’ve never tasted before or a type of chocolate you haven't eaten in a long time.

It's best not to do this exercise with your favorite fairafric chocolate, because you already know this taste for sure 🙂

Once you have found the right chocolate, find a comfortable place where you can’t be interrupted. Sit down comfortably and off you go:

1.Open the package carefully and celebrate unpacking. Hear the paper crackle, the foil rustle and – as soon as you've opened it – feel how the chocolate smell begins to spread. Pay special attention to the aroma. Is it dark or soft? Bright or fruity? Inhale the different ingredients and and let the richly nuanced chocolate aroma enshroud you.

2. Carefully break off a piece of the chocolate bar. Take a good look at this piece and allow your eyes to celebrate what your taste buds will taste very soon. Can you see the chocolate’s structure? Ingredients such as salt crystals or cocoa splinters? Can you feel how your mouth begins to water? Can you see what your hands feel? A rough surface, a creamy texture or an embossed pattern in the chocolate piece?

3. The big moment has come! Eat that piece of chocolate – but very slowly, downright carefully, as if you were trying chocolate for the very first time in your life. Put the piece on your tongue and leave it there. Feel it melting and become aware of new aromas again and again. Chocolate contains over 300 different aromas – how many of them can you taste? How does the consistency and texture of the chocolate feel? Leave the piece on your tongue and move it gently back and forth until it is completely melted. This should take a few minutes.

4. Your mind is wandering? That is not okay – realize where your thoughts have wandered to and consciously bring them back to the here and now. Maybe a certain aroma reminded you of something, maybe a concrete situation? Trace your thoughts before concentrating on the present moment again. Simply accepting states like wandering thoughts is a basic idea of mindfulness exercises. Don't judge that your head may not be on the same page, just perceive it.

5. When the chocolate has melted, swallow it completely and track it as it passes through your throat. Can you feel the soft and gentle after-taste? Which flavors stay in your mouth?

6. Repeat this exercise with the next piece.

After finishing with the chocolate How do you feel after you finish the chocolate meditation? Different from normal? And above all: How did the chocolate taste? Better than if you'd eaten them thoughtlessly under normal circumstances? Have you discovered new flavours? And mybe you relaxed a bit? With little exercises like this you get a piece of mindfulness back into your life.

Allow yourself such short breaks to concentrate more on everyday things like food again. Use all your senses to experience chocolate – and you'll be surprised by the result. As soon as you concentrate on your project with all your sensory impressions, you have already reached the much praised state of mindfulness.