Used office furniture and your favorite chocolate – it’s a match!

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You have always been wondering what's going on in a chocolate brand office? And you also always wanted to know how ecologically the employees of the perhaps fairest chocolate in the world live? Then why don’t you accompany us to our office in Munich for a day and see what we are doing (apart from eating chocolate)?

As many of you might already know, we have our administrative headquarter in Germany in Munich. This is where we market the (in our opinion) best chocolate in the world from. Besides that, we ensure a smooth flow in our trade relations with Ghana. Since we are really convinced of sustainability, even apart from the food market, we want to give you a little insight into how we try to live as green as possible in the Bavarian capital. By the way – this article contains product placements and company names, but not to get you to buy anything, but because we believe in full transparency and in this regard we simply need to mention names.

But now we're off to Rupert-Mayer-Str. 44, office 1.5: Here you currently find five employees who permanently sit in this exact office in Munich. All of them are vegetarians, some even vegans, because – not wanting to start a moral discussion now – foregoing meat is, in our opinion, simply the most sustainable solution for the climate nutrition-wise. In order to protect the climate, only one of us owns a car and we ride all routes by bicycle or public transport whenever possible. If we happen to meet customers in another city or attend meetings and conferences, we always travel by train. And when we go to trade fairs, we rent a car and – thanks to a perfectly fitting trade fair equipment – can usually offer a lift to other people on top. This is an absolute win not only regarding the entertainment value!

But back to our office: What are the employees who are not currently gliding through the country to go to trade fairs doing? Of course, we always keep an eye on incoming orders. Our online shop as well as the entire website are hosted on a green server from the so-called green web foundation. Also our finances are managed as green as possible: Thus, our bank account is with the GLS Bank. This bank is the largest sustainable bank in Germany. With the financial investments it finances for example sustainable entrepreneurs– and of course we welcome that very much.

While taking care of fairafric’s chocolate business online, we’re sitting on second-hand furniture or occasionally even build tables and cupboards ourselves. Likewise, the hardware we use is second-hand and refurbished; for instance, all our laptops are from Green Panda. Our second-hand printer has been given a second life in our office and is now allowed to print our chocolate packing lists with recycled paper. With these packing lists we then dash into the basement, where our storage room is located. When you open the door, you immediately smell all the wonderful chocolate that is waiting here to be shipped. To keep it intact during the transport to you, our clients, we use as space-saving packaging as possible. If necessary, we use special filling material for larger packages. This material carries the seal of the Blue Angel for being environment-friendly. If you find any other filling material in your parcels, don't be surprised: We also use filling material we receive ourselves. So if we receive a parcel which was filled with cornstarch snippets, we are of course reusing those.

By the way, you can be sure that everything else in our parcels apart from our chocolate (like flyers or postcards) has been printed climate-neutrally in an environmental printing house called Umweltdruckerei. Once we have finished all the orders for the day, we hand them over to the post office and the sweet goods make their way – climate-neutrally, of course.

After such an effort (chocolate can be quite heavy in masses!) we usually allow ourselves a little break with organic fruits from Trübenecker and our favorite coffee. This is sometimes Solino, sometimes Angelique's Finest from theKaffee-Kooperative– of principal importance is that it is roasted in the country of origin! And this is how a typical office day ends and we make our way home or cycle to sports.

Are there any questions left unanswered? Feel free to contact us!