Why fairafric puts the „Black Star“ on their new chocolate bars

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Why fairafric puts the „Black Star“ on their new chocolate bars

With the introduction of the new, solarpowered chocolate factory, many new features come along. As an example fairafric changes the appearance of their chocolate bars and adds a stylish extra: The “Black Star”. The exact meaning behind the Black Star and why fairafric chose to display it on their new chocolate bars will be explained in the following blog article.

The look of the chocolate as an identity factor

Chocolate is more than just calories. Chocolate is a pleasure which increases Serotonin levels within our bodies. More precisely: It triggers our feelings of happiness!

However, in most cases pure taste is not the main indicator for our purchase decision: An appealing look triggers impulses.

Not only has fairafric changed the wrapping, they also changed the sign on the chocolate bar into the Black Star.

The Black Star – A symbol for Africas freedom and independence

After all, the Black Star is not only on fairafrics new chocolate bars but also in the centre of the Ghanaian Flag. Even the national football team – which is Ghanas pride – is called “the Black Stars”. But where lays the foundation of this strongly rooted connection between the symbol and Ghana? To answer this question, one has to take a closer look at the history of Ghana.

Ghanas fight for independence – the Black Star becomes its symbol

In the 1950s Ghana was the main stage for a brutal fight for independence. The general public was sick of the colonial and imperialistic conditions and dreamed of independence. Ghana was the first sub-saharan country which announced its independence in 1957.

The current stable enviroment was not handed to Ghana on a silver plate – it had to be achieved with blood, sweat and tears. To think the Black Star is just an optical addition to Ghanas Flag is a mistake. The Black Star is a monument with great importance to the Ghanaian citizens. In a time of crisis the people look at the black star and it should remind them how far they have come so far.

The Black Star is a symbol of hope and the willpower of a whole country. Furthermore it reminds the population of their responsibillity not only towards themselves but their generation. The responsibillity to keep on fighting.

Ghana´s Flag and how the Black Star found its way onto it

In 1957 Ghana became independent and replaced the British colonial flag with its own national flag which has been designed by Theodosia Salome Okoh.

The colors and the Black Star especially were not chosen randomly: The color red represents the blood of the countless victims who died in the fight for independence from the British crown. The color gold stands for the many mineral deposits in the country which are a major contribution to the economy of Ghana. The color green represents the beautiful landscape of Ghana with its forests and natural areas.

The Black Star in the centre is a homage to the “Black Star Line”. The shipping line – operating in the beginning of the 20th century – played an important role in the “Back-to-Africa” movement. The goal of the movement was to end slavery and return former slaves back to Africa.

The Black Star in the centre is a symbol for freedom, independence and the long fight which came along with it.


Foto: ghanacelebrities.com

The meaning of the Black Star for fairafric

fairafrics addition of the Black Star is no coincidence – it is a statement!

Our homage to Ghanas freedom, independence and the strong willpower of its people. The brave people who gave their lives to give Ghana its independence.

To establish added value in the country of origin and trade on an eye-to-eye base also means to develop awareness for the history and culture of a country. Because only the addition of this background knowledge allows fairafric to fight its own fight – against neocolonial structures in the chocolate industry.