fairafric: now also without packaging!

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Waste. It is generated every day anew, it is visible, dirty, stinks, has to be stored and taken away and it is directly related to individual decisions and practice.

Meanwhile, packaging has become a decidedly ordinary consumable. There is hardly a single person who is not exposed to packaging on the daily basis. That means that city people are continuously surrounded by food packaging. But they often don´t even realize it. We, fairafric, are of the opinion that economy plays a particularly important role in the context of emergence of packaging waste.

At the repeated request of our customers to buy our fairafric chocolate without packaging, we decided to join the zero-waste movement and to supply zero waste stores. The past five years showed us that zero waste stores become more and more important. On the one hand, this is noticeable by the increasing number of zero waste stores in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. On the other hand, the societal interest in the topic of zero waste rises remarkably. For us, it is a matter of interest that is limited to the region of Germany: Notably, the store opening of “Original Unverpackt”, Germany´s first zero waste store in Berlin, generated a lot of media attention.

Buy unpacked fairafric chocolate: How it works

Unlike a farmer´s market, the sale of unpacked food products is not temporarily limited but takes place at a certain shopping location. Usually, the offer consists of food products, that are stored in a dispenser system that enables the costumer to portion the goods. So, if you prefer to have half a bar of fairafric chocolate in your house, rather than a whole one, because the temptation to eat everything at once would be too strong, this wish can come true now. You can easily fill the goods of a zero waste store in your brought along or bought boxes or jars.

In contrast to conventional supermarkets, where every product has its own packaging, the food in zero waste stores is ordered in bulk packs of 5, 10 or 25 litres and transferred in the shop´s dispenser system. Our chocolate is in a slightly different situation.



Unlike noodles or pulses, chocolate has a particularly high fat content, which has to be considered for shipping. Therefore, we chose bags made of paper and foil to transport a bulk pack of 5 kilograms of chocolate. We strive to improve this by installing a deposit system.

Ultimately, our cooperation with zero waste stores shows our aim to economize as environment-friendly as possible and to avoid waste wherever possible. Local initiatives like zero waste stores along with fairafric become a part of a bigger network which pursues the same goals without loosing sight of local conditions. This cross-border activism enables Ghana to produce their first unpacked chocolate.

Do you want to see proof? Here are some zero waste stores, that already ordered: