Four Reasons for fairafric


With fairafric you know where your organic cocoa beans come from. Country, district & community. 1,400 well trained farmers grow the best beans possible for you.


Fairafric couldn’t be any fairer. We increase income in Ghana by the factor of 5 compared to the old way of doing business.


Want terrific chocolate? Pick world-renown Ghanaian organic beans, add fair & organic ingredients and process to perfection.

Made In Africa

The whole value creation is performed in Ghana. This increases local jobs, income and access to education and health care.

Did you know?

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Get a True Taste of African Cocoa


Stop Talking Start Planting – Or brainstorm first?

Last year we planted 7,000 trees near Kumasi that will be very beneficial to farmers in different ways. Most will wildly increase soil health and fertility while some can be used to provide construction material and regrow thereafter. The super tree Moringa provides leaves that can not only be used as super food but can […]

Visiting our cooperative

We have visited Yayra Glover to discuss our collaboration and meet some of their farmers and listen to their stories a couple of days ago. We have heard heart warming stories from them and are more convinced then ever, that the hard work of Yayra and his team is really paying for their member farmers. […]

Good News

Hooray, good news: We’ve finished our first production!   The container with the first batch of fairafric chocolate is on its way to our warehouse in Germany. Once it arrives there, we will start sending sweet rewards to our Kickstarter backers and start to sell online. We can’t wait to get your feedback on the […]

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