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With fairafric you know where your organic cocoa beans come from. Country, district & community. 1,400 well trained farmers grow the best beans possible for you.


Fairafric couldn’t be any fairer. We increase income in Ghana by the factor of 5 compared to the old way of doing business.


Want terrific chocolate? Pick world-renown Ghanaian organic beans, add fair & organic ingredients and process to perfection.

Made In Africa

The whole value creation is performed in Ghana. This increases local jobs, income and access to education and health care.

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Factory Update

Those who actively follow us will already know what our biggest goal for 2020 is: the completion of our new, solar-powered chocolate factory in the rural region of Suhum in Ghana. The construction of the factory, which is expected to be completed in autumn this year, is running quite smoothly despite the current situation. Here […]


Which values are important in Ghana? A closer look at the mentality of the west african country

According to the United Nations Mother Earth is currently home to 193 countries. Within these 193 countries there are different groups, tribes and communities, which all have and represent their own values. But what exactly are values? Values are desirable or morally well considered characteristics or qualities, which are attributed to objects, ideas, practical or […]

European agricultural imports to Ghana and their influences on the local economy

Today, fairafric is taking a look beyond the chocolate plate and examines the Ghanaian poultry sector in detail. For what reason? – That’s quite simple: The global poultry market is a descriptive example for economic impact on a country whose local supply was replaced by global imports. Between 2002 and 2016, european exports of animal […]

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