Four Reasons for fairafric


Be part of shifting the value creation to the country of origin. This will provide countries like Ghana no hand-outs but the tool to escape poverty by themselves.


Fairafric couldn’t be any fairer. We increase income in Ghana by at least 0.50$ per bar compared to 0.01$ per average bar of Fairtrade chocolate.


Only the best world-renown Ghanaian premium beans carefully processed and at least 48 hours conched. For a terrific 70% Dark Chocolate.

Made In Africa

The whole value creation is performed in Ghana. This increases local jobs, income and access to education and health care.

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Good News

Hooray, good news: We’ve finished our first production!   The container with the first batch of fairafric chocolate is on its way to our warehouse in Germany. Once it arrives there, we will start sending sweet rewards to our Kickstarter backers and start to sell online. We can’t wait to get your feedback on the […]


As part of our Crowdfunding Campaign we have committed to planting 3,098 trees. Here are some pictures of the event, you can read the whole story of the planting below. . . . . . . . So here comes the story behind this event: Three years ago I met Joseph in Uganda, some 100 miles […]

How does Fairtrade work?

When I talk to people about fairafric and our impact a lot of folks say, but wait, isn’t Fairtrade solving these problems already? I usually make this calculation for people in order for them to get an idea about the impact of Fairtrade (and to compare it to fairafric): The Impact of Fairtrade One ton of cocoa […]

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