Four reasons for fairafric


With fairafric you know where your organic cocoa beans come from. Country, district & community. 1,400 well trained farmers grow the best beans possible for you.


Fairafric couldn’t be any fairer. We increase income in Ghana by the factor of 5 compared to the old way of doing business.


Want terrific chocolate? Pick world-renown Ghanaian organic beans, add fair & organic ingredients and process to perfection.

Made In Africa

The whole value creation is performed in Ghana. This increases local jobs, income and access to education and health care.

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The Creative industry in Ghana: A female designers’ success story.

Ghana boasts an abundance of vibrant talents who prove that they make a name for themselves by exhibiting their many rare talents and gifts. Graphic design as the art of conceiving and projecting ideas and experiences with visual and typographic content would not be an area most of the ladies in Ghana would choose; However, […]

How insects help us to make our Chocolate

When you buy your favorite fairafric chocolate, most of you might not really think about how it originated from a cocoa blossom to a finished chocolate bar. However, it’s worth it, because it’s a process full of surprises – and unexpected helpers. The cocoa tree – just a tree? The cocoa’s origin is the cocoa […]

Decolonize Chocolate (Cinema Tour)

DECOLONIZE CHOCOLATE – How a start-up is revolutionising the chocolate world 🍫🇬🇭🍫🇬🇭🍫 Chocolate has always been produced in the global North. Hendrik wants to change the situation by building a chocolate factory in Ghana: We join fairafric’s founder on his journey and explore with him why chocolate is hardly ever made in the countries where […]

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