Welcome to our online shop! 🙂

Here you can order our 100g bars in packages of 8. If you are a retailer and looking for opportunities to order our chocolate for your shop, please get in touch via email to



Due to the high temperatures we won’t be able to ship our super fair chocolates as regular as usual. We are checking temperatures everyday and are deciding every day, if it is “okay” to ship. Accordingly, the delivery of your parcel might take much longer than usual. 

However, especially shipping to countries outside Germany will be very difficult until the end of summer. Thank you for your understanding.


New Design

We are currently introducing our new packaging design. Hence, you might receive a parcel, that contains both, our old and our new design. Thanks for your understanding.


Free shipping:

If you order for more than 49,99€ your chocolate will be shipped for free within Germany.

If you order for more than 79,99€ all orders going to countries that are members of the EU will be shipped for free!