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The issue value of a share and thus the share price is €19.12, with a nominal value of €1.00.

A total of 52,301 shares will be issued for €999,995.12.

Only preference shares are issued. They have no voting rights, but receive a higher dividend of 2.00% on the nominal value per share compared to ordinary shareholders.

Für die Aktienemission gibt es eine Fundingschwelle von 250.000€.

Sollte diese Summe nicht erreicht werden, bekommst Du Dein Geld zurück und die Kapitalerhöhung wird nicht durchgeführt.

Bei einem Aktienkurs von 19,12€ ist die fairafric Gruppe (Deutschland, Ghana, Amanase) mit ca. 11 Mio.€ bewertet.

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Our chocolate factory has been in rural Ghana Since 2020

Our global vision

Use business to end poverty

Our mission

Create 10,000 climate-friendly jobs in Africa

Our values

impact-oriented, transparent, respectful, environmentally conscious, visionary

Dear investors,

i founded fairafric in 2016 with a simple motivation - to fight a crying injustice: only about 5% of global chocolate sales reach where the cocoa is grown, in West Africa!

With the construction of a modern, solar-powered chocolate factory in rural Ghana, fairafric has already impressively demonstrated that it is possible to produce world-class chocolate even in cocoa-growing countries.

While Fairtrade remains in colonial structures (Africa provides raw materials), we have shown with our customers that value creation in Africa has a real chance. Now it is time to utilize our new production capacity, create more jobs and pay as much premium as possible to our cocoa farmers.

I am very proud to be part of this journey and look forward to continuing it with you in the future. I will continue to go full throttle and make sure that every euro invested will write a piece of chocolate history!

Yours sincerely, Hendrik Reimers

Your investment in the SDGs

We are achieving tremendous impact in 7 of 17 SDGs across all dimensions of sustainability.

References fairafric AG

Weinrich Cord Budde Fairafric

Cord Budde

Owner Ludwig Weinrich

,,We were one of the first producers of organic & fair trade chocolate in Germany. I see a similarly bright future for Made in Africa."

Weinrich produces the brands Vivani, GEPA, iChoc, Devine and many more. More than 1 million bars are produced daily at the company's headquarters in Herford.

Weinrich joined fairafric in 2019 as a strategic investor. Weinrich has greatly increased its investment in fairafric this year

Weinrich also trains our Ghanaian key personnel in the course of a training program and supports us in the operation of the factory.

Marie Claire Pellerin Fairafric

Marie-Claire Pellerin

CEO Claro Fair Trade AG

,,fairafric will shape fair trade. Because this is the only way to create an equal economy."

Claro Fair Trade AG is the Swiss fair trade organization and has around 60 points of sale for fair trade products.

Claro has been a strategic investor in fairafric since 2019. Claro has greatly expanded its investment in fairafric this year.

Claro takes over the distribution for fairafric in Switzerland.

Rudiger Daetz von Fairafric

Wolf-Rüdiger Daetz

Chairman of the Supervisory Board fairafric AG

,,I see enormous growth potential in fairafric and am convinced that the business model can set a new industry standard."

Wolf-Rüdiger Daetz Stockholder fairafric AG

Wolf-Rüdiger Daetz hat
30 years of experience as CFO in international industry with local
assignments in Asia, Europe and Central America. He is a committed impact
investor in fairafric and a chocolate lover.
He has also been Chairman of the Board of fairafric since 2022.

Frequently asked questions about fairafric

First official meetings between Hendrik and cocoa farmers* and cocoa workers* in Ghana.

First Kickstarter campaign
Foundation of fairafric GmbH
First production

Second Kickstarter campaign
Successful organic certification of the entire value chain
Start of collaboration with Yayra Glover Ltd.
Change from 20g bars to 100g bars

Third Kickstarter campaign
Certification Climate Neutral (both chocolate and company)
Establishment of fairafric Foundation, which holds shares in fairafric GmbH for cocoa farmers*
First Seedrs campaign (Seedrs enables startups to attract their clientele as shareholders*), in which 264 private individuals have invested in fairafric

Decision to build a larger chocolate factory on their own: On the land of the cocoa cooperative we work with, in the rural region where the cocoa beans also grow.
Shareholders increase to 360; Ludwig Weinrich and claro fairtrade AG join the fairafric family
Winning the Lammsbräu Sustainability Award

Construction of our new chocolate factory in Amanase. Record-breaking construction time of 5.5 months from groundbreaking to first bar.

fairafric GmbH becomes fairafric AG. Within 3 days the first convertible bond with 990.000€ is fully subscribed and already within 24 hours the first share issue of 999.589,80€ of fairafric is sold out. fairafric buys 250 tons of cocoa beans for production in 2021, paying the highest premiums in West Africa. fairafric also chases record after record in 2021. fairafric more than doubles last year's sales and produces over 2,000,000 chocolate bars.

fairafric opens the Visitor Concept (see below), becomes an official partner of Borussia Dortmund and produces the new BVB chocolate.
fairafric reaches the final of the German Sustainability Award 2022 and wins the competition for shaping the future from Project Sustainability.

However, this is just the beginning!

The owners of fairafric are the founding team, our 1076 shareholders from the clientele, Ludwig Weinrich GmbH and claro fair trade AG as well as our team and the cocoa farmers of our partner cooperative.

1. We will expand the capacity of our drop line. Our current drop line runs 24 hours a day and we are able to meet the existing demand.

2. We will increase our capacity for handmade chocolate products and acquire better equipment to meet the high demand from our B2B customers.

3. Building a marketing and sales team in Ghana, and intensifying our distribution channels in Europe.

We expect to be profitable from 2025 onwards. As we have to pay interest and repayments of over 1,000,000€ in 2023 and our ingredient warehouses and intermediate storage facilities have to increase significantly to accommodate the upcoming growth, we will still be in the red for 2023.

Through our new Visitor Center, we also want to give our customers the opportunity to get a deep look into our operations. The factory visit will be combined with a visit to our farmer communities, all in one day! Unique in the world!

Frequently asked questions about the preference share

fairafric only issues preference shares. Preference shares are shares in which the shareholders have no voting rights, but receive a higher dividend (a preference) compared to the ordinary shareholders. At fairafric, this preference is 2.00% on the nominal value (1.00€) per share. If the preference shares are not paid or not paid in full and the arrears are not settled in the following year, the preference shareholders are granted voting rights as long as the arrears have not been settled (§140 AktG).

We do not share information about our investors with any tax office. You simply declare interest received on your tax return.

If you want to lend us money interest-free, write us a short e-mail. Of course you can also do this and support us even more.

Da die Aktien unbesichert ausgeben werden, kann es zum Totalverlust Deiner Anlage kommen. fairafric ist noch nicht profitabel, daher sind für die Sicherstellung der Liquidität weitere Investitionen, sowie der Erfolg der aktuellen Kampagne notwendig. Eine weitere Finanzierungsrunde mit Institutionellen Investoren soll zeitnah durchgeführt werden, hierfür sind die ersten Committments vorhanden. Dennoch besteht das Risiko, dass die Runde nicht geschlossen werden kann. Investiere daher auf gar keinen Fall Geld, das Du unbedingt brauchst.

Das öffentliche Angebot startet am 19.09.2023 und läuft bis alle Aktien (52.301 Stück) gezeichnet wurden.

Da es sich um eine Neuausgabe von Aktien handelt, wird der Preis von fairafric festgelegt. Dies haben wir in Absprache mit Expert*innen, neuen Investor*innen, unseren Bestandsaktionär*innen und Berechnungen gemacht. Bei den Berechnungen haben wir uns auf der einen Seite die Entwicklung seit der letzten Bewertung angeschaut, die Kosten, die entstehen würden, wenn man das Unternehmen nochmal so aufbauen würde und wir haben die zukünftigen Cash Flows abgezinst, sowie die aktuelle Marktlage berücksichtigt im Vergleich mit Benchmarkt Unternehmen.

Die Bewertung wurde in dem Zuge gemeinsam mit Institutionellen Anlegern auf €11 Millionen festgelegt.

Die fairafric AG ist nicht an der Börse gelistet (dies ist auch rein regulatorisch frühestens in ein paar Jahren möglich). Um dennoch eine Handelbarkeit herzustellen, haben wir mit einem Dienstleister eine
Art Schwarzes Brett aufgebaut, über die Käufer*innen und Verkäufer*innen zusammenfinden können. Hier geht es zur Plattform.

Der Impact von fairafric

Das Management Team in Ghana

Michael Marmon-Halm

Managing Director Ghana

Michael ist der Managing Director in Ghana und bringt mehr als 12 Jahre Erfahrung in der Kakaowirtschaft in Ghana mit und hat Qualitätsmanagement studiert.


Griselda Esther Ossei

Chief of Staff

Griselda bringt viel Erfahrung im Accounting mit und unterstützt in der strategischen Planung und Umsetzung rund um die Marke fairafric, das Marketing, das HR und Operations in Ghana.


Enoch Padi Adu

Technical Manager

Enoch ist ein Spezialist für Prozessplanung und Systemsteuerung mit über 15 Jahren Erfahrung in der Kakaoverarbeitung bei 3 multinationalen Kakaoverarbeitungsunternehmen.

Henry Sackey

Production Manager

Henry verfügt über 9 Jahre Berufserfahrung in der kakaoverarbeitenden Industrie und ist mit Qualitätskontrolle und -sicherung für Lebensmittel bestens vertraut.


Audrey Marmon-Halm

Quality Manager

Unsere Quality Managerin Audrey bringt 11 Jahre Berufserfahrung in der Qualitätskontrolle und Qualitätssicherung mit.


Das Management Team in Deutschland

Hendrik Reimers

Founder & CEO

Hendrik hat viele Erfolge im internationalen Vertrieb von Software gefeiert bevor er fairafric gegründet hat.


Jonas Schaller

CFO Germany

Jonas bringt einige Jahre Erfahrung im Bereich Controlling und Finance, besonders im internationalen Kontext, mit.



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