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Sustainability thought through to the end

For fairafric, fair means being just, to people and to nature.

What makes our chocolate environmentally sustainable?

Chocolate & Solar Energy

The entire roof of the factory has been covered with 578 solar panels since the beginning of 2021. On average, we generate about 16,500.25 kWh/month with the solar system.

Bye, bye plastic!

With us you will not find a gram of plastic . In search of an environmentally friendly packaging option (as opposed to plastic or aluminum foil), we chose NatureFlex foil. The film is made from wood pulp sourced from sustainable forests and is even biodegradable in your own compost.

fairafric is climate neutral

Environmental impacts cannot (yet) be avoided in the production of the chocolates. Therefore, we offset all CO2 emissions that occur. In cooperation with Natureoffice, we invest in a natural forest reforestation project in Togo. In 2021 we have compensated 300 tons of CO2.

Chocolate on the go

fairafric also arranges the transport of the chocolate to Europe in the most climate-friendly way possible. Namely, by ship instead of by plane, from the port city of Tema to Hamburg. The temperature of the reefer container is 16 degrees and we offset the CO2 impact with NatureOffice.

Mission: Zero Waste

The most sustainable form of packaging: None at all! All fairafric varieties are also available unwrapped in many unwrapped stores or at the TARABAO in the online store

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