Drops it like it's choc.

Superfair. organic. Co2 Neutral.
Drip. Drop. Drops.

For amateur bakers, chocolate chip cookie fans and chocolate fondue lovers - these drops are a treat for everyone!

More drops, more jobs in Ghana

Since autumn 2021 we have had Drops in our assortment. Drops are small chocolates, especially suitable for baking or as a snack in between. To make this dream come true, we invested in a dropline. To operate the line and pack the drops, we were able to create additional jobs in production and packaging. So the dropline not only creates new products, but also many new exciting jobs at fairafric!

80% organic chocolate Drops
80% organic chocolate Drops
80% organic chocolate Drops

80% organic chocolate Drops

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Fair chocolate drops? Finally they are here! We use only high quality raw materials and the drops are free of any additives such as lecithin or flavorings and preservatives. With their 80% cocoa content, they are perfect for lovers of extra dark chocolate. How about some chocolate-chip-cookies?


The drops come in coated paper bags in 500g and 2kg size units. For our B2B customers (e.g. unwrapped stores, we also offer them in 5kg or 15kg size units).

The drops have a diameter of 26 millimeters.

The drops come in 80% dark (vegan), 70% dark (vegan) and 43% chocolate with milk.