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Social Impact meets Organic Chocolaterie

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Did you know that chocolaterie products are often sold in Europe for 80-100 € per kilo, while only 2 € arrives in the country of origin of the cocoa beans?

There is another way!

Amanase brings both the added value and the craftsmanship of chocolaterie to the country of origin of cocoa, Ghana. Every new job created leads to 2.8 new jobs in supplier companies and further training and employment opportunities at Amanase and fairafric.

Training places

Not only are fine chocolate creations developed and produced here, but every year young people are also trained as chocolatières and chocolatiers.
Apprenticeships that create hope, change and a future.

Fair chocolates
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Learn more on the webpage of our subsidiary and try the delicious chocolates from Ghana.

Christmas with Impact
Make the Christmas season sweeter with the first Impact Calendar Made in Ghana and support Amanase in creating apprenticeships.