Next level fair trade.

100% produced in Ghana.

thought through to the end.

superfair * Bio * Co2 Neutral

New standards.

For the entire industry.

World class chocolate.

Excellent organic quality.
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We need you! Revolutionise an entire industry together with us and stand up for more global justice!

superfair. Bio. co2-neutral
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With us you will find chocolate bars, fruit balls and drops!

We revolutionize the chocolate world

Fairtrade 2.0

Our Fairchain & well-paid jobs in Ghana

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Climate neutrality

Our contributions from the solar-powered factory to compostable packaging

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Excellent & Organic

World class chocolate in premium quality

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About Fairafric

Our mission

Create 10,000 climate-friendly jobs in Africa.

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We know where our cocoa comes from. It grows outside our window.

Our chocolate

Our impact to date!

We produce our chocolates from the cocoa tree to the finished packaged bar in Ghana. In the process, we create jobs outside agriculture and multiply local income in the country of origin.

approx. 250 farmers

who provide beans from sustainable organic farming.

91 direct jobs

Paid 4x above minimum wage and with health insurance for the whole family.

578 solar panels

With our solar system, we generate an average of 16,500 kWh per month.

fairafric explained: Proud to be fairafricans

"Probably the fairest chocolate in the world."

Global Citizen