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Excellent organic quality

We are proud of our award-winning quality - learn more about our prices and organic farming here.

Great Taste Award 2022

Our two vegan varieties "70% dark chocolate & cocoa nibs" and "80% dark chocolate" were awarded the prestigious "Great Taste Award" from Great Britain!

World class chocolate

Cocoa mass, cocoa butter, raw cane sugar: we use pure ingredients, free of additional flavorings and without lecithin. Equipped with state of the art machinery in our solar powered factory, we guarantee the best quality chocolate!

100% organic

We source our organic cocoa from about 250 farmers of Yayra Glover's initiative. The farmers receive regular training to increase yields and organic cultivation. All without chemical pesticides, artificial irrigation and pollination!

What does "organic" mean for the farmers?

fairafric pays the highest organic premium in West Africa at 600 USD/ton of cocoa. With the organic premium, farmers have the opportunity to provide for their families, provide education for their children and diversify their income.

Where do our ingredients come from?

We obtain our raw materials exclusively from fair, organically certified suppliers. We take care to source everything directly from Africa as far as possible: Raw cane sugar from Mozambique, Fleur de Sel from South Africa... Learn more about our supply chain and our partners here.

Demeter quality milk powder

In our varieties of milk we use milk powder from the dairy Schrozberg, which is one of the only suppliers of organic Demeter milk powder. Demeter agriculture is considered the most sustainable form of land management and goes far beyond the requirements of the EU organic regulation.

We stand for organic farming - fair to people and nature.

Sourcing the best and most eco-sustainable ingredients in Africa is anything but easy. Why do we try anyway?

Higher yield for farmers

Organic cocoa farming does not mean harvesting less. On the contrary, after training in sustainable organic cultivation, yields increase significantly.


We can trace our cocoa beans back to the farm. Our other raw materials, too, by the way.
In addition, the farmers are always striving to achieve outstanding quality. We support them in this by providing targeted feedback.


We can guarantee that our fair chocolate does not contain genetically modified ingredients.

High quality

Ghana is known for its high-quality cocoa beans.

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