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Our certifications

Because we care about people and the environment, we work according to the strictest guidelines along the entire fairafric supply chain. We are certified organic, a recognized supplier of the World Shop Association and have been successfully audited by the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO).

The power of consumers

As customers, we have a choice every day. Every day we can decide anew for fairness in the supply chain. At fairafric, we have nothing to hide and are always available to answer your questions.

Poverty despite certifications

About 1/3 of the total global cocoa production is certified by a sustainability label. However, child labor, rainforest deforestation and living below the poverty line continue to be major challenges in West Africa that even well-known certifications have not been able to solve.

Certifications do not provide a guarantee, so we go one step further.

Our beans are traceable back to the farm

The majority of chocolates produced today, including certified ones, are made with cocoa beans that pass through many hands before arriving at the manufacturing company's factory. The only thing that can often be said with certainty is which country the beans came from.

Working only with organically produced cocoa beans means that we know at all times who grew and harvested the beans: This is an existential part of certification. fairafric works with farmers from Yayra Glover's initiative, who we know have received a fair wage and the best possible training in sustainable farming. The quality of the cocoa we inspect after each harvest is outstanding.

Our seals & memberships

Organic seal

(Packed chocolates)

(unwrapped chocolates)

DE-ÖKO-006 (Cocoa powder)

Climate neutral

In 2021, we offset 300 tons of CO2 with Natureoffice through a natural forest reforestation project in Togo.

Member of Unverpackt e.V

We are a supporting member of the unwrapped Association because we believe that a chocolate is only truly sustainable if it can be bought unwrapped.

Proudly Made in Africa

The Proudly Made in Africa organization promotes the production of products made in Africa.

Recognized supplier in the world store umbrella organization

The Weltladen Dachverband is the association of world stores in Germany and works strictly according to the criteria of fair trade.

Our milestones


After a successful first crowdfunding campaign, the first chocolates were produced in Ghana and shipped to Germany.


Launch of six more varieties, organic certification and winning the "Next Organic Startup Award".


16% reduction in CO2 emissions per chocolate bar.

fairafric becomes climate neutral and offsets the amount of CO2 produced with natureOffice.


Winning the "Lammsbräu Sustainability Award 2019".

With Weinrich, we gain a strategic investor who supports us with money and know-how in setting up the new factory in Ghana.

Premiere of the documentary film "Decolonize Chocolate".


Construction and completion of the solar-powered factory in rural Suhum, Ghana - in the middle of the pandemic.

By the end of 2020, more than 60 direct jobs have already been created.


Premiere of the second documentary film "Decolonize Chocolate 2".

Wins Ghana Cocoa Award in the categories "Outstanding Contribution of the Year" & "Value Addition company of the Year".

Managing Director Ghana, Michael wins the "40 under 40" Award Ghana in the category "Manufacturing".


Winning the "Great Taste Award" (The Guild of Fine Foods). for the two varieties "70% dark chocolate & cocoa nibs" and "80% dark chocolate".

Nomination for the German Sustainability Award 2022.

Opening of the office building in Ghana and establishment of our own warehouse location in Bremen.