Our team

fairafric lives through the people behind the idea. Meet the Team!

Whether in Ghana or in Europe

Our teams are united by their love and enthusiasm for chocolate, and of course the urge to make a difference. Because we are the chocolate revolution!


Founder & CEO

On his journey through East Africa, Hendrik gained insight that the continent needs value creation to get out of poverty: The idea of fairafric was born!


Managing Director Ghana

Michael brings more than 10 years of experience in the cocoa industry in Ghana and has studied quality management. For him, fairafric is home.


Head of Operations

Martin has already founded his own company, loves process & structures and has worked for several years in a media company in the areas of process management and operations.


CFO Ghana

Mustapha has been working in Accounting in Ghana for 10 years and brings a lot of experience in exporting from free trade zones.

Gabriel "Gabby"

Operations Management Ghana

Gabby has a can-do attitude and has gained a lot of experience working for two multinational cocoa processors.

Berlinda "Adjoa"

HR Ghana

"Difficulty is an excuse that history will never accept."

Tobias "Tobi"

Operations Management

Tobi supports fairafric operations enthusiastically as he reads, builds longboards... and of course, eats chocolate..


Content Management

When Sophia is not baking banana bread, she snaps the most beautiful pictures for our social media channels.

Richard A.

Production Supervisory Ghana

"It takes determination to achieve great things in life."


Wrapping and Packaging Operations Ghana

"I can accomplish all things through Christ who strengthens me."


Assistant to Wrapping Machine Operator

Godwin supports the wrapping department and ensures smooth operation of all equipment and machines.

Ann-Kathrin "AK"

Location Management North

True to the motto "There is no try, there is just do" AK supplies our customers with our chocolate - whether on pallets or in small packages.



With love and precision, Grace develops new recipes and handmade chocolate products in the Chocolate School.


Growth Marketing Analyst

With his background as a Data Analyst, Sinan addresses the effectiveness of our campaigns to take the chocolate revolution to the next level.


Tempering, Molding & Dropline Operations

On the one hand, Amos takes care of the addition of ingredients (salt, almonds...) and the refining of the bars and, on the other hand, the dropline to shape the chocolate into drops.

Stephanie "Bini"

Graphic Design

After designing stamps for Equatorial Guinea and shampoo bottles for Spanish hotels, Bini found her professional fulfillment in designing chocolate.


Production Management Ghana

Henry has 9 years of professional experience in the cocoa processing industry and is well versed in quality control, quality assurance and the implementation of food safety management systems.


Mixing, Refining & Conching Machine Operator.

Ernest is the chocolate expert and refines the chocolate mass by mixing and conching to achieve the best taste and consistency.


Sales Management

A trip to the Peruvian Amazon awakened her fascination for cocoa. In the sales team she is now responsible for bringing our chocolate drops to the market.


Marketing & PR Management

Miranda was immediately convinced by fairafric's "Decolonize Chocolate" vision. Now she supports the chocolate revolution in marketing und PR.


Chief of Staff

Griselda supports Michael in strategic planning and execution around the fairafric brand, marketing, HR and operations in Ghana.

Sebastian "Sebi"

Marketing Assistant

For Sebi it was a logical consequence to stay with fairafric as a marketing all-rounder after his internship.


Quality Analyst

In quality analysis, Ann pays attention to the food quality of raw materials and intermediate and final products produced by hand or by machine.

Christina "Chrissi"

Sales Assistant

Chrissi wanted to gain her first experience in business first as an intern and now as a working student - but only in a company that really acts fairly and sustainably.


Product Owner

Lisa takes care of the front-end of the website and surfs the Eisbach in
her free time.


Production Hands Ghana

Philip grew up on the farms and previously worked in a hotel. His motto: "Stay awake!"


Event Management & Digital Design

Janina loves to be versatile. This is also the case at fairafric. After different jobs in the field of design, she is now looking forward to dive into the world of chocolate.


Chief Financial Officer

Jonas is the financier in our chocolate world and wants to make fairafric the most economically sustainable chocolate in the world.


Operations Management

When Elias stumbled across fairafric, he was immediately hooked on the idea. Now, as process manager, Elias ensures that the systems and processes run smoothly.


Team assistance

Sarah coordinates the fairafric team in Germany like a conductor. She is always on hand to offer advice and support, drinks gallons of coffee and ensures a good atmosphere in the office.

Enoch Padi Adu

Technical Management

Enoch is a process planning and system control specialist with over 15 years of cocoa processing experience with 3 multinational cocoa processing companies.


Quality Management

Audrey has 11 years of professional experience in quality control and assurance.

Melanie "Melli"

Sales Management

Chocolate without a guilty conscience? fairafric could inspire Melli with that. As part of the sales team, she is expanding the sales network and making sure that the world becomes a little bit fairer chocolate by chocolate.


Finance & Controlling

When Patrick saw our documentary "Decolonize Chocolate", he immediately knew that he wanted to become a part of the biggest chocolate revolution. Since then, he has been taking care of the operational processes in the area of finance and driving data transparency.


Supply Chain Optimization

After returning from her stay in Ghana, Julika is gripped by wanderlust. Since fairafric brings a piece of Ghana to Germany, she is immediately convinced and discovers her enthusiasm for Excel spreadsheets in Supply Chain Optimization.


Marketing Assistant

Can unterstützt als Illustrator und Grafik Designer tatkräftig das
Marketing team von fairafric. Seine Lieblingssorte: 72% Dunkle Schokolade und Milch.



At the Chocolate School, Richard develops new recipes, plans production and creates the handmade chocolates. His dream is to become a respected chocolatier that will benefit fairafric, Ghana and the whole world.


Production Assistant

Helina supports production management in quality assurance, development and production of Amanase products.

Team Ghana von Fairafric



Hasiyah develops and produces delicious chocolate creations in the Chocolate School.


Assistant to Molding Machine Operator

Daniel supports all processes around the molding machine to get the chocolates into shape.