Vegan chocolate.

Superfair. organic. Co2 Neutral.
NEU: 42% Vegane Helle mit Cashew Creme

Cremig, zartschmelzend und 100% pflanzlich. Unser neuer Superstar im veganen Sortiment: die Vegane Helle mit Cashew Creme - besser als Milchschokolade.

Fancy vegan? - And at the same time organic and fair?

With our vegan chocolate you make a difference!

Vegan chocolate

Did you know that our 80% dark chocolate is conched for up to 29 hours? Conching describes the process in which the chocolate mass consisting of cocoa mass, cocoa butter and sugar, is heated by various temperature shocks and stirring movements in a way that the unwanted parts of the flavors and acids are "sweated out" of the chocolate mass.

70% with cocoa nibs organic dark chocolate
70% with cocoa nibs organic dark chocolate
70% with cocoa nibs organic dark chocolate

70% with cocoa nibs organic dark chocolate

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Fair dark chocolate meets superfood! We have added nutrient-rich cocoa nibs to this strong organic chocolate with 70% cocoa content - making it extra crunchy.


    Vegan chocolate


    We use only organic certified raw materials and pay attention to a fair origin, preferably from Africa. Here you can find an overview of our suppliers.

    Yes, our chocolate is gluten-free. Basically, gluten is contained in the cereals wheat, rye and barley. We do not produce or process any products in our factory that contain these varieties.

    Yes, you won't find a gram of plastic in our packaging. The
    chocolate bars are wrapped in Natureflex film. This is a film that
    is made from wood cellulose and is biodegradable. Currently,
    organic waste regulations do not yet allow Natureflex film to be disposed of in organic waste. For this reason, the best solution at present is to dispose of the film in the
    in-house compost. If you have this option, the
    NatureFlex unfortunately belongs in the residual waste. The packaging industry and many committed companies are working to ensure that the legal situation will soon change.