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For every 1,000€ you lend us today, you will get back 1,210€ in 2028.

Our chocolate factory has been in rural Ghana Since 2020

Our global vision

Use business to end poverty

Our mission

Create 10,000 climate-friendly jobs in Africa

Our values

impact-oriented, transparent, respectful, environmentally conscious, visionary

Your investment in the SDGs

We are achieving tremendous impact in 7 of 17 SDGs across all dimensions of sustainability.

Reference fairafric AG

Weinrich Cord Budde Fairafric

Cord Budde

Owner Ludwig Weinrich

,,We were one of the first producers of organic & fair trade chocolate in Germany. I see a similarly bright future for Made in Africa."

Weinrich produces the brands Vivani, GEPA, iChoc, Devine and many more. More than 1 million bars are produced daily at the company's headquarters in Herford.

Weinrich joined fairafric in 2019 as a strategic investor. Weinrich has greatly increased its investment in fairafric this year

Weinrich also trains our Ghanaian key personnel in the course of a training program and supports us in the operation of the factory.

Marie Claire Pellerin Fairafric

Marie-Claire Pellerin

CEO Claro Fair Trade AG

,,fairafric will shape fair trade. Because this is the only way to create an equal economy."

Claro Fair Trade AG is the Swiss fair trade organization and has around 60 points of sale for fair trade products.

Claro has been a strategic investor in fairafric since 2019. Claro has greatly expanded its investment in fairafric this year.

Claro takes over the distribution for fairafric in Switzerland.

Rudiger Daetz von Fairafric

Wolf-Rüdiger Daetz

Aufsichtsratvorsitzender fairafric AG

,,Ich sehe in fairafric ein enormes Wachstumspotenzial und bin überzeugt, dass das Geschäftsmodell einen neuen Branchenstandard setzen kann."

Wolf-Rüdiger Daetz hat 30 Jahre Erfahrung als CFO im Bereich internationaler Industrie mit lokalen Einsätzen in Asien, Europa und Mittelamerika. Er ist überzeugter Impact Investor bei fairafric und Schokoladenliebhaber.

Seit 2022 ist er zudem Aufsichtsratsvorsitzender bei fairafric.

Frequently asked questions about fairafric

First official meetings between Hendrik and cocoa farmers and cocoa workers in Ghana.

First Kickstarter campaign
Foundation of fairafric GmbH
First production

Second Kickstarter campaign
Successful organic certification of the entire value chain
Start of collaboration with Yayra Glover Ltd.
Change from 20g bars to 100g bars

Third Kickstarter campaign
Certification Climate Neutral (both chocolate and company)
Establishment of fairafric Foundation, which holds shares in fairafric GmbH for cocoa farmers
First Seedrs campaign (Seedrs enables startups to attract their clientele as shareholders* ), in which 264 private individuals participated in fairafric

Decision to build a larger chocolate factory on their own: On the land of the cocoa cooperative we work with, in the rural region where the cocoa beans grow.
Increase of shareholders to 360; entry of Ludwig Weinrich and claro fairtrade AG into the fairafric family
Winning of the Lammsbräu sustainability award.

Construction of our new chocolate factory in Amanase. Record-breaking construction time of 5.5 months from groundbreaking to the first bar.

fairafric GmbH becomes fairafric AG. Within 3 days the first convertible bond with 990.000€ is fully subscribed and already within 24 hours the first share issue of 999.589,80€ of fairafric is sold out. fairafric buys 250 tons of cocoa beans for production in 2021, paying the highest premiums in West Africa. fairafric also chases record after record in 2021. fairafric more than doubles last year's sales and produces over 2,000,000 chocolate bars.

However, this is just the beginning!

The owners of fairafric are the founding team, our 750 shareholders from the clientele, Ludwig Weinrich GmbH and claro fair trade AG as well as our team and the cocoa farmers of our partner cooperative.

We have 4 major investment projects, all of which we will tackle in the coming months:

1. purchasing our cocoa ingredients alone will cost us more than 1.1 million euros for production in 2022.

2. a visit concept is to be established, which will combine farm visits with factory visits.

3. a canteen in which dishes are cooked with ingredients from our organic farms.

4. the establishment of a marketing and sales team in Ghana, as well as the intensification of our distribution channels in Europe.

From 2023-2024, we are expected to be operationally profitable. As we have to pay interest and repayments of over 1,000,000€ in 2022 and our ingredient warehouses and intermediate storage facilities have to increase significantly to accommodate the upcoming growth, we still calculate a loss for 2022.

Through our new Visitor Center, we also want to give our customers the opportunity to get a deep look into our operations. The factory visit will be combined with a visit to our farmer communities, all in one day! Unique in the world!

Frequently asked questions about the bond

If you pay us 1,000€ now, you will get 6 times 35€ interest. In the end, you will get back 1,210€ on your 1,000€.

The campaign will run until the maximum volume of 999,000€ is reached. Due to the demand we expect this to happen within a few months.

We do not share information about our investors with any tax office. You simply declare interest received on your tax return. You only have to do this once, in 2028, when we pay you the interest for the entire term.

If you want to lend us money interest-free, write us a short e-mail. Of course you can also do this and support us even more.

Since the loan is issued unsecured, it can come to the total loss of your investment.

Therefore, do not invest money that you absolutely need.

Under the bond exactly 999,000 euros. This is due to German legislation on investor protection. You can download the WIB here .

In this case, Weinrich has assured us that we can take orders from the plant in Germany. Since this plant is working at the absolute limit of its capacity and can hardly be expanded, this is an attractive option for both sides.

The impact of fairafric

The Management Team in Ghana

Michael Marmon-Halm

Managing Director Ghana

Michael brings more than 12 years of experience in the cocoa industry in Ghana and has studied quality management.


Mustapha Mohammed

CFO Ghana

Mustapha has been working in Accounting in Ghana for 10 years and brings a lot of experience in exporting from free trade zones.


Gabby Sackey

Plant Manager

Gabby has gained a lot of experience with 2 multinational cocoa processors and represents the workforce on our Board of Directors.


Enoch Padi Adu

Technical Manager

Enoch is a process planning and system control specialist with over 15 years of cocoa processing experience with 3 multinational cocoa processing companies.

Griselda Esther Ossei

Chief of Staff

Griselda brings a wealth of experience in accounting and supports in strategic planning and execution around the fairafric brand, marketing, HR and operations in Ghana.


Henry Sackey

Production Manager

Henry has 9 years of professional experience in the cocoa processing industry and is well versed in quality control and quality assurance for food products.


Audrey Marmon-Halm

Quality Manager

Audrey has 11 years of professional experience in quality control and assurance.


The Management Team in Germany

Hendrik Reimers

Founder & CEO

Hendrik has celebrated many successes in international software sales before founding fairafric.


Jonas Schaller

CFO Germany

Jonas brings several years of experience in controlling and finance, especially in an international context.


Martin Ewers

Head of Operations

Martin has already founded his own company and worked in process management and operations for a media group.



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