Amanase - fairafric goes handmade

Chocolatier-Schule in Ghana - Amanase

We are so excited and can't wait to introduce you to our new brand. fairafric is now not only available in the form of our fairafric chocolate bars, but also as handmade delicacies from our own chocolaterie with the first formal chocolaterie school in Ghana.

From now on, we welcome Amanase to the fairafric family. Amanase products are fine handmade chocolate creations created under the umbrella of fairafric Ghana Ltd. Amanase? What does that even mean? Our new handmade products are named after the village of Amanase, where our chocolate factory is located. In this way, we want to give a face to this beautiful spot on earth, which has a high value in the worldwide cocoa production. Come with us on our journey to Amanase! Get to know our vision of the new product line as well as our Chocolaterie School, where the handmade products are created with love and professionalism. Our staff and Chocolaterie student Ann will give you an in-depth and inspiring look into the world of Amanase.

The way to Amanase

The vision of Amanase was born with the same motive as the original founding of fairafric GmbH: to move value creation to the country of origin. High-quality chocolate products are often sold in Europe for between 80 and 100 euros per kilogram, whereas only 2 euros of this amount reach the cocoa farmers' country of origin. There is another way: with Amanase! Our added value in Ghana, the country of origin, takes place in Amanase, where chocolatiers and chocolatières create the finest chocolate specialties from local ingredients on site. Surrounded by cocoa farms under the roof of the first solar-powered chocolate factory in West Africa, our first exclusive Amanase products are now being created - and there are many more to come!

The vision behind Amanase - Social Impact meets Chocolaterie

In Ghana, as in many other countries around the world, young people are leaving the rural areas to find better paid jobs in the big cities. We want to counteract this development and create real perspectives to reduce the rural exodus and its social consequences. Through training and jobs in our Chocolaterie School under the umbrella of fairafric, further well-qualified jobs are created. Through free training in the Chocolaterie School, young people, especially from the region, learn professional skills in handmade chocolate production, which gives them the starting shot into their professional life. With your support of our training loan we would like to further develop our culinary handmade treats and welcome more chocolateries to our Amanase team. More information about our training loan and how you can support us can be found below!

The Chocolaterie School: Interview with Ann

In the Chocolaterie School of Amanase, young people in the countryside are offered a real perspective. In addition, completely new training and jobs are created outside of agriculture. In the form of a Chocolaterie subscription, you can not only enjoy the finest chocolate creations handmade in Ghana, but at the same time support the training of our chocolatiers and chocolatières. With each step of the training, our chocolatiers and chocolatières dare to create more unusual products and surprise you with taste explosions and the best handmade quality. In the future there will be more delicacies made from local organic ingredients as well as finest praline creations.

In the following interview with employee and student Ann, you can get an accurate picture of everyday life at the Chocolaterie School and the impact it has on local people:

1) In what ways has fairafric and the Chocolaterie School already influenced you personally?

The fairafric Chocolaterie School has influenced me in many ways because I get to work with a wide variety of foods such as nougat, marzipan, hazelnut, and dried fruit. I learned how to use them in combination with chocolate. This allows me to create products that are attractive to consumers.

2) What impact has the establishment of the Chocolaterie School had on the people of the Suhum/Amanase region?

The positive impact that the fairafric school in Suhum/Amanase has on the people here in the area is that perspectives are created, especially for the young population. Through the skills learned, knowledge can be passed on to others. This creates a positive cycle from which many people in the region benefit. In addition, through our learned expertise, we are able to start our own businesses to achieve financial independence.

3) Is there an opportunity to create your own handmade chocolate recipes?

My team and I always try to develop our own products. For example, I like to incorporate ginger and other beneficial ingredients into most chocolates as fillings. As a chocolatier at fairafric, I have the optimal equipment and environment I need to be able to develop products and bring them to market.

4) What does an average day at the chocolaterie school look like?

On a normal day, we try our hand at different chocolate creations. Afterwards, we have team discussions about the created products and analyze them. In addition, we constantly orient ourselves to the global chocolate market and the wishes of our customers.

5) Which handmade product is your favorite so far?

So far, the hazelnut with dark chocolate coating is my favorite handmade product. The hazelnut is an impressive food. As a chocolatier, I want to bring joy to customers and do something good for them. That's what drives me and gives me confidence.

6) Is there anything else you would like to say about Amanase or share with the customers who will enjoy your chocolate creations?

The chocolate school in Amanase is a very interesting place. Everyone is free to try everything. You get all the equipment and ingredients to bring out the best and make good and attractive products for the market. We have the opportunity to bring out ideas - in the chocolate school, no idea is considered pointless. It really allows me to express myself. Everything is possible here! The chocolate school in Amanase is fun. I am so happy to be a part of it. Everyone who enjoys our product should see us as people who are making an impact on their lives. We focus on them and are here to make products for them. Customers are welcome to voice their opinions about the products so we can continue to work on ourselves. I see this as an opportunity to get even better.

We couldn't be more proud to have inspired and fully motivated people like Ann on our fairafric team. You can definitely look forward to exclusive new creations created by our professional team at the fairafric Chocolate School in Ghana, which will be continuously developed and created.

How you can support us

Join us on our chocolatey sweet journey and taste the latest creations of our chocolatier team! With the Amanase training loan, you invest in the training of chocolatiers in Ghana and receive sweet interest in the form of chocolate every year. After 5 years you will get your money back completely. Join us and bring the art of chocolatiery back to its origins!