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Chocolatier-Schule in Ghana - Amanase

We welcome Amanase to the Fairafric family! Fairafric is now available as handmade delicacies from our own chocolaterie with the first formal chocolaterie school in Ghana. We can't wait to introduce you to our new brand.

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Flüssige Schokolade Fairafric

Yay, there's chocolatey news! We are currently working on a new product for you - or rather, on a whole product line. What exactly we have planned and when we will start selling the products, you can find out here.

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Schokoladenfabrik in Ghana mit Solarenergie

A lot has happened at fairafric in the last few years. Today we have exciting news: fairafric is becoming a public limited company. Today we want to take you on a little journey through time and tell you about the background of the transformation.

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