Drop it like it's choc!

Flüssige Schokolade Fairafric

After many months of planning, we can finally let you know: Our product range and production hall in our factory in Amanase are getting long-awaited additions. Soon our fair organic chocolate will not only be available as bars but in the form of chocolate drops!

To make this dream come true, fairafric has invested in a dropline. This is a machinery with which chocolate drops can be produced in different sizes and high quantities. In the case of our machinery in Amanase, drops weighing a minimum of one gram and a maximum of 1.9 grams can be produced. Our largest chocolate drops are approximately the size of a 2€ coin. Depending on the intended use, we can now produce different drop sizes and package them in large quantities.

To operate this machinery and pack the drops, additional operator positions, assistant positions, and packaging positions will also be created. By the end of 2022, we expect eight to ten new jobs here. And there will also be a dedicated sales position in Germany. So the dropline is not only creating new products, but also many new exciting jobs at fairafric!

But why do we actually want to produce drops? A big advantage of chocolate drops is that they are much easier to process, as they melt faster than chocolate bars and do not need to be crushed. Especially for fairafric customers like Meister Küfner, who coats his delicious handmade organic nut cookies with our chocolate, the drops are ideal. But also all hobby bakers, chocolate chip cookie fans and chocolate fondue lovers can look forward to more fun and variety when baking and enjoying. Three different types of chocolate drops with 43%, 70% and 80% cocoa content will soon be produced in our factory - so there is something for every taste!

You will soon be able to buy the drops at our online store, unpacked stores, and from other business partners. Sales are expected to start by early 2022. We will of course keep you updated on our channels!

We are really looking forward to it - are you?