Whether you are a company or an individual - let's bring the chocolate revolution to the world together!

For companies

Do you think fairafric is great and stand behind our values and mission? Do you want to work with fairafric and make a difference together?

Feel free to contact us. Whether you need chocolate bars, want to add our chocolate to your product or produce directly in the factory in Ghana - we will find a way. Become active and part of the fairafric world!

Here you can find a selection of our cooperate partners


Camper rental made easy! With CamperBoys you combine travel, nature and adventure. You can pick up the fully equipped vans at their 6 locations in Germany and start your journey. With you: fairafric chocolate, the perfect travel companion.


The largest natural food juice factory in Germany produces with fine fairafric organic cocoa the
oat cocoa. Tastes good for you, the environment and our farmers in Ghana!

Heyho Granola

Heyho creates prospects for people who are excluded from the primary labor market. In their organic roastery, people with the most diverse backgrounds and talents come together. In the delicious variety Peanut Power to the People you will find our fairafric chocolate.

Borussia Dortmund

We are the official chocolate producer of Borussia Dortmund. With the proceeds of the limited BVB fan chocolate we jointly finance the sustainable rehabilitation of the football field in Amanase.

Personalized chocolate

Our chocolate, your design. Perfect as a corporate gift or city chocolate!

Good Food Collective

As a member of the Good Food Collective, we join other companies in advocating for the necessary social-ecological change in our food system.

Interested? We are looking forward to your message!

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